Our Business is concentrated on developing, producing and setting up big kid’s leisure centers in thebig business market. Our Business constantly works together and exchanges experience with popular foreign equivalents which make our items end up being incorporated into the international market. The business has own research study and establishing department, strategy and style department, marketing department, engineering department, production tracking department, administrative department, monetary department and more. We highlight the innovative contemporary management Business viewpoint, focus on workers training and cultivating to raise our technical service level continuously. Our Business dedicated itself to become the bibcock in playgroundmanufacturer market field, guide brand-new advancement instructions and contribute our part to kid’s pleased development!

The business primarily handles indoor naughty castle. It is an activity center for brand-new generation kids created based upon their qualities through theclinical and three-dimensional set with functions of home entertainment, sports, education, fitness, and others. It is a new-style and extremely extensive kid’s theme park, created inning accordance with kid’s nature such as burrowing, climbing up, moving, rolling, swaying, swinging, leaping, and shaking, and so on. Naughty castle assists to establish kid’s independent character, healthy bodies, and intelligence. It is not restricted by place and can be set up indoor, outside or at an irregular website. It is with unpowered devices and simple for management and upkeep.